"Easy to order, great service and delivery. Beats dragging the tank to the store for replacement. When I got home from work my tank was sitting on the back patio waiting for me. This is the only way I will order propane from now on."

Joe W.

Order your first grill tank exchange for only $10 with promo code "NEW10"!


Do you deliver to my zip code?

Most likely since our online ads only appear to those who live in zip codes within our delivery area. To confirm, go to and enter your zip code in the zip code box. Unless you get a message that you are not in our delivery area, then we deliver to your zip code.

Is there any ongoing commitment after I get my first tank exchange?

Absolutely not.  There is no subscription or commitment to use us again. But we think you'll love the convenience so much that you will!

Can I exchange my Blue Rhino or Amerigas tank as part of this promotion?

Yes, you do need to exchange your existing empty tank to order an exchange service, but it just has to be any standard 20 pound tank in good working condition. If you don't have an empty tank to exchange, you'll need to order a spare tank from us.

What are your regular prices?

Our regular prices are about the same as what you'd pay at the exchange cages at the home improvement stores, gas stations and grocery stores. You'll see our regular price when you place your first order (before you enter the promo code). We also offer discounts for multi-tank orders and for selecting a "no rush" delivery date.

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Customer Reviews

Zack C.

Eric M.

Steve S.

I'm a first time time user for this service and I have nothing but praise for this service idea. I'm going to be a repeat customer and tell others about as long as I continue to receive top notch care!

Fast serivice and easy. They come and do the exchange. No longer have to lug a tank to the store. Their customer service is top notch.

SOooOOooOOoo much better than going to the store. Lugging it, making your vehicle dirty, waiting for the clerk to come unlock, paying more than using propane taxi. I've used it twice and I will never go to the store again with a propane tank. Thanks Propane Taxi!

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